Happy 2019!! We are so excited to start testing the new site and format. The original was built on Squarespace over 12 years ago (GASP!!) and it really was overdue for a makeover, bless her little heart. We spent weeks working to archive the many years of content on the former site so it could be here too, however it proved to be cumbersome and difficult to navigate and, honestly, not all that super cute. We like being cute. So, instead of archiving it all and making you cull through it, we’ve decided to start over! Completely over! Fresh and clean.

Thank you for sticking with us on the former format and social media over the many lovely, fun years. We are over the moon excited about bring the DISH to you in newer and more fun ways!

Now get ready and fasten your seat-belts because HERE WE GO!!

Blessings and Love

xx – DISH

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