What is DISH?

DISH is the brainchild of Lori Freese, a natural born and bred Houstonian who dearly loves her hometown and wants the world to love it too.

DISH-Houston began over a decade ago when online media was new, the goal being a quick source for people to find where to go and what to do in Houston from their phones while deciding on their evening plans. DISH is in blog form because that was the most readily availability at the time and has become part of our brand.

Ms. Freese, aka SisterFreese, has been a journalist her entire career sparked by her sheer curiosity of the genesis of things. The goal of DISH is to bring the community together and support the local economy by featuring and highlighting the amazing events, restaurants and opportunities Houston has to offer.

As a DISH reader or DISHIE, as it were, you are part of a fantastic community.

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We so deeply appreciate you and your support, life is more fun with you!

Blessings and Love!

xx – DISH

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